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What does a Shipley Do-Nuts of Colorado Franchise Cost?

Shipley Do-Nuts success is based on its commitment to simplicity. The cost varies and primarily depends upon the size of the shop, the location, the real estate market in that region, and the cost of leasehold improvements, in addition to equipment and fixture costs. Shipley Do-Nuts has entry requirements which start at $100,000.00 liquid and $600,000.00 net worth. The total investment ranges from $440,000–$700,000.

Total Investment$440,000 – $700,000
Cash Required$100,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketSee List

Open a Shipley Do-Nuts Franchise in Colorado.

Shipley Do-Nuts offers over 60 different varieties of Do-Nuts, pastries, and kolaches made fresh daily with one simple to use donut mix. This distinguishing feature is rare in the field of competitors today. While some in our industry have sacrificed traditional methods for automated production, we have a more balanced approach. This allows the higher volume capability without losing the traditional customer who expects quality and variety.

Learn more about the costs, and benefits of opening a delicious Shipley Do-Nuts shop today.

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What We Do?

Shipley Do-Nuts made a humble start in Houston, in 1936, years before even household names like McDonald’s. Shipley Do-Nuts now has over 300 locations in 9 states. As a company we pride ourselves on continuing the joy and tradition of providing the finest Do-Nuts and kolaches in the business.

We make all of our products fresh daily, including:

  • Hot, Fresh Glazed Do-Nuts (Our Best Seller!)
  • Cake, Iced and Filled Do-Nuts
  • Do-Nut Holes
  • Assorted Kolaches
  • Coffee
  • Cinnamon Rolls

What We Offer

A comprehensive support system for franchisees is a key aspect of Shipley Do-Nuts success story. The donut franchisee is given support from the very beginning to ensure the success of the relationship. This is important to the continued growth of our brand as well as the business development of the franchisee. It is through many years of actual operation of our company owned stores, a close working relationship with our growing franchise network and valuable customer feedback that the current successful system has evolved.

The responsibilities of Shipley Franchise Company are simple: To teach the skills and understanding of the “Shipley Do-Nuts Concept” in order to give the franchisee the best possible opportunity to be successful. Some of the ways which this can be accomplished are:

  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Design Assistance
  • Training Assistance
  • Ongoing Support

We Want You

We’re looking for successful people like you to spread the Shipley Do-Nuts name here in the great state of Colorado!

  • Entire State of Colorado Available for Franchising - Shipley Do-Nuts flexible location requirements provide opportunities in strip shopping centers and free-standing restaurants
  • Low Start-Up Fees - We’re committed to simplicity, which enables initial investment to be kept to a minimum
  • Dedicated Franchise Representative with Over 25 Years Operating Experience at Your Service

Next Steps

We hope this information has helped you to understand the opportunity that owning a Shipley Do-Nuts Franchise can provide. We know that there are many questions still remaining, so we encourage you to submit your request, so we can begin the process.