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What does a ContiNow Business Opportunity Cost?

To own a ContiNow virtual car dealership business, candidates are asked to have a minimum of $100,000 in liquid capital and be prepared for the total investment to cost $100,000. Be your own boss and work for yourself by owning a virtual car dealership. No physical car inventory is needed and no licensing requirements. This business is all conducted online with all your car sales done for you.

Total Investment$100,000
Cash Required$100,000
Business TypeBusiness Opportunity
Target MarketNational

Own and Operate A Virtual Car Dealership;

Pay close attention as we show you what is hands-down the number way to bank. The time has come to replace your day job with income that surpasses your current paycheck. Not only that, but you will do with virtually no labor.

If you're like most folks, you will be concerned when something sounds too good to be true. The 'Internet Age', though, makes opportunity possible where otherwise none would exist. You owe it to yourself to sort through the detail.


Imagine yourself owning and operating a 'Virtual Car Dealership'. Imagine that happening with zero licensing requirements, zero physical inventory and all your car sales done for you.

EVEN BETTER: Picture running your business using 'Other People's Money' and none of your own.

Your day job may be less than rewarding, so supplementing or replacing it with something that does not eat your time will be in your best interest.

We offer third-party financing to qualified individuals.

General Requirements:

  1. No Experience Required
  2. Clean Record - Criminal Background Check
  3. Reliable Internet Access
  4. Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC
  5. Setup & Training -> 3-5 Days

Your income can start immediately following setup and training!