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Home Matters Caregiving - OH

Home Matters Caregiving - OH

What does a Home Matters Caregiving - OH Franchise Cost?

The cost to own your own Home Matters Caregiving - OH franchise requires you to have a minimum liquid capital of $100,000. The estimated total initial investment is between $75,000 and $200,000, with a franchise fee of $52,000. For your investment, you will receive a comprehensive, in-person and virtual training program as well as ongoing support covering administrative procedures, vendor selection, IT support and more.

Total Investment$75,000 - $200,000
Cash Required$100,000
Business TypeFranchise
Target MarketSee List

Our Mission

To Change the Way Home Care is Provided.

This mission shapes the way we view our role in the home care industry and shapes the way we strive for excellence in the care we provide.

 At Home Matters, our mission is simple. We’re Changing the Way Home Care is Provided.

This mission helps everyone at Home Matters remain focused on our core pursuit of achieving higher levels of care excellence for every client.

We believe it’s our job to raise the bar for better care throughout the home care industry. This means creating a culture where new ideas are welcome and celebrated as we strive to improve the lives of seniors one client at a time.

To support this mission, we have core philosophies that continually point us toward better care.

  • Home Matters Caregiving - OH
  • Home Matters Caregiving - OH
  • Home Matters Caregiving - OH
  • Home Matters Caregiving - OH
  • Home Matters Caregiving - OH
  • Home Matters Caregiving - OH
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Better Care Based on Research and Data

Research and Data are at the core of how we achieve care excellence, and it is foundational to the way we grow and improve our agencies.

Research that helps us understand today’s proven methodologies for providing excellence in care. And our internal operational data allows us to track our progress, identify areas in need of improvement, and ensure every step we take is focused on providing great support for our care professionals and great care for our clients.

Innovation for improved outcomes

Embracing innovation has been a part of the Home Matters culture from day one. For us, innovation is not just the leveraging of technology for better care outcomes. It’s also about the development of innovative processes and strategies that help to consistently deliver excellence in care.

Building a Great Place to Work

To truly be a successful company, we have to not only provide great care for our clients, but we also need to provide great careers for our employees. Home Matters takes a unique approach to support the heroes of our company, our care professionals who are focused on caring for our clients.

Doing Well By Doing Good

Doing Well By Doing Good is a philosophy you’ll hear us discuss frequently. We’re striving to be an organization that truly makes a positive impact in the communities we serve. That’s why Home Matters has aligned itself with strategic charities to allow our franchise owners and their team members to make a unique impact in their individual communities. In doing so, we create a foundation for developing key relationships in our local communities while doing what’s right for those whose needs are often overlooked where we live.


What Makes Home Matters Different?

In the fast-growing home care industry, standing out from the crowd is important. At Home Matters, extraordinary care looks very different from traditional home care.

Find out how Home Matters franchise owners are changing the way home care is provided.


Nurse Guided Care

At the heart of our care system is Nurse Guided Care where an experienced nurse oversees the care of our clients. Over the years, we’ve found there’s no substitute for the hands-on experience of a dedicated senior care nurse to ensure high-quality care.

This unique approach enables better training for our staff, better support for families, and better care for our clients.

Better Training Better Care

At the heart of great care is compassion and a desire to serve. But alongside these important values, there’s a factor critical to achieving excellence in care…Professional Training. At Home Matters, a commitment to better training, month in and month out means better care for you or your loved one.

Professional training every month enables consistency in care important to ensuring our clients remain safe and happy at home. Our training content is developed by experts in the senior care field, specifically created to foster ongoing learning in critical areas of care.

Our interactive and dynamic course presentation is fun and reinforces learning which keeps our care team motivated to develop critical care skills. Exceptional training for our caregivers means exceptional care for our clients. That’s why our mantra at Home Matters is Better Training, Better Care.

A Data-Driven Philosophy Driving Employee Satisfaction and Better Care

At Home Matters, we provide the tools and processes for every franchise owner to pursue excellence in care, continuous improvement, and identifying areas of growth and opportunity. This disciplined approach lays the foundation for strong communication, motivated employees, and happy clients. Equipping our franchise owners in these key areas, we provide them with the roadmap for success.

The Purpose Driven Care Method

The Purpose Driven Care Method is a philosophy of care and training based on over a decade of research. This research is focused on the key factors that influence outcomes of successful aging. Our unique methodology incorporates optimal physical care with purposeful strategies that allow seniors to thrive both physically and emotionally.

Technology and Innovation

While the adoption of technology has been widely absent in the home care industry, Home Matters is blazing a trail through the use of our Smart Caregiving Applications that not only improve care but can also reduce the cost of that care for a growing number of families.

By leveraging technology, we’re able to help more families receive the benefit of care at home who previously felt home care services were unaffordable.

Our franchise owners are able to participate in cutting-edge care applications while expanding their client base, resulting in greater income potential and the ability to provide real value to deserving families.

Home Matters Recruiting & Retention

At the core of great care is the ability to attract, train and retain top-performing caregivers. Home Matters’ proprietary processes foster an environment where critical caregiving staff feel valued and communicated with, enabling loyal caregivers to focus on providing great care.

Doing Well by Doing Good

At Home Matters, our commitment is to “Do Well By Doing Good.” We’re training up new franchise owners to thrive as business leaders while giving back to the senior community where it’s needed most. The result is a career that is financially rewarding with the opportunity to add real value to the lives of deserving seniors. And while doing good through our charitable alliances, this pursuit becomes a true strategic advantage.


What does it take to succeed as a Home Matters Franchise Owner?

You might think that it’s necessary to have a healthcare background to succeed as a Home Matters franchise owner. Fortunately, that’s not the case.

Franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. It’s the systems and training we provide at Home Matters that provide the common foundation for success in the home care industry.

But there are a few key qualities that we look for in future franchise owners.


What does it take to succeed as a Home Matters Franchise Owner?

Franchise owners come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have healthcare experience, but many do not. Others have business leadership experience, while others have experience in other important areas.

There are a few key qualities that pave the way for a successful career in senior care as a Home Matters Franchise Owner.

A Strong Work Ethic – This is probably no surprise to anyone interested in owning their own business. Owning a Home Matters franchise can be very rewarding, but it takes dedication and hard work to thrive as a franchise owner.

Your business requires a full-time effort and a commitment to hard work. Fortunately, our franchise owners receive an abundance of training and support that allows those willing to follow the Home Matters game plan and to put in the hard work, an opportunity to grow a successful agency.

Leadership Skills – Growing a successful home care agency means leading a team of dedicated employees. Prior leadership experience or the ability and willingness to learn key leadership principles is vital to successful growth.

Communication Skills – The senior care industry is a people business at its core. Your ability to communicate and develop new relationships will help lay the foundation for effective care and propel the growth of your business.

Resilience – Any business pursuit that’s worthwhile and offers significant rewards will come with challenges that need to be overcome. The training and support you will receive from Home Matters will go a long way towards equipping you to face the challenges of business ownership. But the ability to remain resilient and a willingness to face challenges head-on will be one of the most important factors in achieving success year over year.

A Passion for Helping Others – Arguably one of the most important qualities for a successful Home Matters franchise owner is a passion for helping others. At the end of the day, our business is about providing extraordinary care for our clients. If this sounds like a pursuit that’s well-aligned with your personal values, you’ve got a key ingredient for success at Home Matters.


Steps to Franchise Ownership at Home Matters

At Home Matters, our goal is to ensure that every new Franchise Owner is a great fit within our organization and our franchise system.

That’s why we’ve designed our process to give you plenty of opportunities to learn about us, but also plenty of opportunities for us to get to know you.

 At Home Matters, our goal is to ensure that every new Franchise Owner is a great fit within our organization and our franchise system. We want your career as a home care agency owner to be rewarding in multiple ways.

First, we want this to be a financially rewarding business for you and your family over the long haul. But equally as important, we want you to love what you do, to truly experience the satisfaction of impacting and improving the lives of others. This is why we’ve designed our process to give you plenty of opportunities to learn about us, but also plenty of opportunities for us to get to know you.

This process represents very important steps to help us ensure we award franchise locations to those whose values are well aligned with ours, and to those who have the ability to thrive and succeed as a Home Matters franchise owner.

The following is a brief outline of our Steps to Franchise Ownership.

  • Request information here
  • Select a time to attend an Information Webinar
  • Complete the Franchise Interest Application Form
  • 1 on 1 Call with a Home Matters Representative
  • Franchise Disclosure Document Review
  • Follow up Q&A Call(s)
  • Discovery Day
  • Final decision for you and us/ Agreement Signing
  • Congratulations! Schedule your Introductory Call with the Home Matters Opening Coordinator

Our process is designed to give you and our team plenty of opportunities to learn about each other, discuss questions, and ensure a great fit both ways.

We look forward to meeting you!

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