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What does a Poopy Plumbers Business Opportunity Cost?

If you’re looking to start a plumbing business you’ve come to the right place. Own a Poopy Plumbers plumping business for $5,000. Or, you can grow your existing business. Poopy Plumbers works with existing plumbers on creating a Poopy Plumbers DBA or a new company and sets up all the required web, social and lead generation platforms. Receive new leads and customers in as little as 48-72 hours.

Total Investment$10,000
Cash Required$5,000
Business TypeBusiness Opportunity
Target MarketNational

Create the Freedom You Desire Without the Cost with Poopy Plumbers.

There are many plumbing franchises that you can buy, but they come with high startup costs. With Poopy Plumbers, we’re the un-franchise model. We provide online marketing services, lead generation and stay up to date with technology for a fraction of the cost.

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Keep the Money You Earn in Your Pocket

Typical plumbing franchises charge you between $30,000-$100,000 to use their name and likeness. Many of these companies will “provide you with the equipment and software” for your business and then do an expensive revenue sharing model. Some of them allow you to earn between 8-10% of the gross revenue. This means that you need to do $1 million in business to earn $80,000. Basically, you have a job, is that why you wanted to become an independent plumber?

The lifeblood to any business is new leads and customers. This is where Poopy Plumbers comes in. We’re a team of online and offline marketing and sales experts that will help you to build Poopy Plumbers in your local area, as your business. We don’t tell you what to do or how to do it, we’re a supportive team of marketing experts generating new leads and customers for you. We handle all of the google listings, websites, social media setup and other methods to generate new customers.

As a team of internet marketing experts our focus is to dominate the local Google map pack in your city or town in as many places as possible. We stay on top of the current on and offline marketing trends and lead generation strategies.


Having a recognized and memorable brand is important if you want to have long-term success. At Poopy Plumbers our focus is to give you access to a memorable name, logo and brand. You will also benefit from these advantages:

Low Cost - Poopy Plumbers has a low cost of entry to get started which allows you to put more money in your pocket for your business.

Mobile-Friendly Websites - We build and maintain a local website for your business. It’s highly optimized, geographically targeted in your area for web and mobile users.

Management - We will help build your social media accounts and content.  With our geographic strategies Google is forced to give you local customers.

Google My Business - Google wants to keep users on its platform. We have the knowledge to rank in the top 3 spots and create new customers. You will show up in more places in maps.

Lead Generation - We build, create, manage local lead generation channels for your business to help you dominate in the marketplace and grow your business.

Complete Freedom - No ongoing franchise fees or royalty fees. You can choose your package and we'll manage all of the online marketing.

Start your own plumbing business or build off your existing one.

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