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As a retail business venture without a traditional storefront, a vending machine franchise presents a unique opportunity to serve customers without the constraints of store hours, staffing, etc. It’s easy to see why so many entrepreneurs are drawn to the idea of vending machines, as this business can be built up as a side hustle while still working a job or running another business. With that said, success never comes easy, so keep the following points in mind.

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Finding Locations is Everything

The success of your vending machine franchise will hinge on whether you can find great locations for your machines. It really is that simple. Thanks to the power of the franchise model, you will have access to the machines you need, and the inventory required to get up and running. But you still need to find the right spots for those machines, and that’s where your hard work and knowledge of your local area will be required.

A great vending machine location sees a lot of foot traffic each day, but that’s just the start. It’s also essential to match what you sell with the customers available in that area. For example, a machine that vends coffee drinks might not be a hit in a location that gets most of its traffic later in the day. However, placing that same machine in a location with a big morning rush could mean huge sales numbers.

Keeping Up with Payment Tech

Fewer and fewer people are carrying around cash during their daily lives. If you fall behind as a vending machine owner, this could mean bad news, as potential customers won’t be able to make a purchase on many old machines. One key to success and sustainability in this market is to enable as many payment methods as possible on your vending machines, while still leaving cash as an option.

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