Franchises with the Happiest Owners

By Kerry CroccoDecember 13, 2019

A happy workplace allows you to reach your full potential. Owning and operating a franchise is one path to reaching your maximum potential, making for a fulfilled career and happy life. Most business owners (more than 75%) are happy about running their own business. Above all, this is primarily attributed to the fact that they’re able to take control of their work life.

If you look at the different franchises in the market that are doing well, you'll see that they have several things in common.

One mark of a quality franchise system is that every franchisee is aware of the organization's mission, vision, and brand message. Franchisor management and, often, influential franchisees, communicate the values of the business clearly, giving the entire franchise system a sense of belonging that helps them move in the same direction. In franchising, everyone is working together towards the same goal and has the same roadmap to success.

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List of franchises with the most satisfied owners

While there are thousands franchises worldwide, we’ve found some that top the list of franchises with a high percentage of satisfied owners.

1. Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is a recognized child soccer development program that focuses on the character development of the children through teaching them soccer skills.

The mission of Soccer Shots is to make an impact on a child’s life through the soccer experience. Founded in 2000 and franchising since 2005, The program is meant to meet the developmental needs of kids aged 2-8. With 228 franchises locations so far, it’s clear that the program works – for both the franchise owners and the thousands of kids that experience it. To invest in this franchise, the entrepreneur needs a start-up investment of $53,950.

 2. The Goddard School

The Goddard School ranks consistently high on top franchise lists. Founded in 1986 and franchised two years later in 1988, The Goddard School has 482 franchises located both in the US and Canada. One of the main core values of The Goddard School is student empowerment. The franchise is more than happy when it sees its students make their own choices and follow their dreams.

For franchise owners, ongoing training and support, leadership, and financial opportunities top the list of ownership benefits and general satisfaction. Among the reasons that make the franchise so attractive is that over 15 million children under the age of six require education-based childcare. The industry is also experiencing an annual growth of 4%. 

3. Assisted Living Locators

The demand for elderly care services is skyrocketing. The annual growth rate is 4.8%, and the industry is expected to hit $388 billion by 2021. As the aging population increases, so does the need to help the elderly to live a comfortable and independent life. The mission of Assisted Living Locators is to help families fulfill the growing demand for quality senior living by providing insights on senior living options that would best meet their needs. 

To own an Assisted Living Locators franchise, you need a start-up investment of $78,000. Assisted Living Locators has been franchising since 2006: after being founded in 2003 by Angela Olea. The mission of the franchise is working hand in hand with families to find the best senior care option for their loved ones.

The Franchise owners derive their satisfaction from being able to meet the needs of their clients. Assisted Living Locators is an award-winning franchise, something that speaks volumes about their impact in the community. It also provides entrepreneurs with all the support they need to succeed individually. The training and mentorship given to the franchise owners provide them with the footing they need to take off in this industry to build successful businesses.

Assisted Living Locators is recognized as a top low-cost franchise and is listed among the 200 best franchises.

What Makes Happy Franchise Owners?

The listed franchises have the happiest owners primarily because they have been able to make a difference in the community and live by their core values. Investing in them can allow you to share their happiness and the financial opportunities they present.


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