Thank You Veterans

By Tracy Mallette November 11, 2011

We offer a sincere Thank You to veterans today for your service. You have secured for us the freedom to help others achieve their dream of business ownership. We are grateful for the opportunity to encourage growth for the nation and its citizens.

To honor our veterans for the sacrifice that enabled us to prosper, we offer opportunities for them to prosper. We have a list of franchisors dedicated to helping veterans own a business by offering discounts and other incentives through the VetFran program.

We don’t have to tell you that veterans are great individuals, but you may not have considered that they also make great business owners. Their military experience gives them qualities that franchisors look for in a business owner, such as leadership skills, personnel management experience, determination to succeed and good decision-making abilities.

Because of these skills, veterans have a proven record of success owning businesses with more than 66,000 veteran-owned franchises, according to U.S. Census data.

So, the odds are in your favor. Let us give back for all you’ve given us.

Thank you.

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