What is a Franchise?

By Franchise Information Squad January 16, 2012

Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate between what is a franchise and what isn’t. Generally, there are industries where big company’s offer franchise licenses to people to own and operate a store under the same umbrella. However, national chains such as big box retailers and department stores are usually not considered franchises. To determine what qualifies as a franchise and whether or not you will be able to buy a license, do your research online. That way, you can see franchise listings in your area and discover many industries and companies that franchise that you may not have been aware of before.

Answering the Question “What is a Franchise?”

To answer the question “What is a franchise?” you can find helpful articles online. Getting background knowledge of the franchising business will help you learn valuable information that you can use in the future. Visit franchise.com today for more in depth articles and frequently asked questions about franchises.

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