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Word of Wednesday – Business Opportunity

Franchise.com A business opportunity (or bizopp) involves the sale or lease of any product, service, equipment, etc. that will enable the purchaser-licensee to begin a business. … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_opportunity Is a business opportunity different than a Franchise? Yes! Franchises continue the relationship with the buyer or franchisee beyond the purchase. This means that franchisees pay royalties… Read More »

Franchises Provide Benefits Over Building a New Business Yourself

People who want to be their own boss and own their own business may have some reservations about franchises. Regardless of whether you start your business form the ground up or franchise you will need startup capital. Choosing a franchise gives you the support of an experienced and successful company. Rather than having to create… Read More »


Have you always wanted to own a business? The only problem is that if you do not have any experience owning or managing a business before then, you will need some guidance so that you can run the business productively. It is no secret that new businesses often find it difficult to survive the first… Read More »

Franchises and Bizopps – What’s the Big Diff?

Hello, fellow followers of all things franchise. I’m new to Franchise.com, and to the whole franchising world actually, and one of my first questions on the job was “what’s the difference between franchises and business opportunities?” And, even though my boss gave an AWESOME answer – bosses always give awesome answers (she’s approving this post before… Read More »

Established Companies Adopting Franchise Model

Interesting blurb on Advantage Rent A Car, which dates back to 1963 (when it was called Three Ninety-Nine Car Rentals), has just recently opened its first franchise location in suburban Memphis, TN. http://minneapolis.dbusinessnews.com/shownews.php?newsid=160575&type_news=latest Anyone have any other examples of long-established companies moving to franchising model after sustained success expanding via company-owned stores? One example that… Read More »

Older Workers Losing Jobs – CNN.com Article

An interesting article from CNN on so-called “older workers” losing their jobs due to economic duress and consequent corporate downsizing. According to the piece, these workers are often senior level and find themselves overqualified for positions available in the job market, following an involuntary layoff. It’s pretty surprising that the author didn’t mention franchising as… Read More »

Mortgage/real estate industry professionals – changing careers

Much ado has been made about the housing market’s state of disarray and the role of subprime mortgages in creating the issues plaguing America’s economy. Naturally, as is the case anytime people lose significant sums of money, fingers are being pointed. The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, mortgage brokers, and home-buyers are among those drawing the… Read More »