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7 Hot New Franchises on Franchise.com

Are you bored with your job or ready to make a move to something better? Franchise.com has the answer you’ve been waiting for. Check out these 7 Hot New Franchises Jump out of that cubical and into the driver’s seat as a business owner. Discover the world of franchising, and you’ll find a multitude of… Read More »

Word of Wednesday – Franchising

Today’s Franchise.com word of the day is franchising! Franchising is a method of doing business within a given industry. It is neither an industry nor a business. At least two parties are involved: the franchisor and the franchisee. How does franchising work? It is the practice of using another company’s business model. A parent company… Read More »

The Perfect Time to Get Into Franchising

Owning your own franchise and running a business requires more than just funding and business sense. It is also vitally important that the product or service you own a franchise for is in demand in your area. Franchising can be a difficult path for business owners, but can also be profitable. In order to be… Read More »

Franchises and Bizopps – What’s the Big Diff?

Hello, fellow followers of all things franchise. I’m new to Franchise.com, and to the whole franchising world actually, and one of my first questions on the job was “what’s the difference between franchises and business opportunities?” And, even though my boss gave an AWESOME answer – bosses always give awesome answers (she’s approving this post before… Read More »

Does it Make Sense for Me to Franchise My Business?

Recently, we’ve had a number of entrepreneurs asking us questions about whether it makes sense to franchise their businesses. While it’s truly something that should be considered on a case by case basis, we thought we’d provide some basic information to aid in the decision-making process. Reasons why an entrepreneur might consider franchising a business… Read More »

Established Companies Adopting Franchise Model

Interesting blurb on Advantage Rent A Car, which dates back to 1963 (when it was called Three Ninety-Nine Car Rentals), has just recently opened its first franchise location in suburban Memphis, TN. http://minneapolis.dbusinessnews.com/shownews.php?newsid=160575&type_news=latest Anyone have any other examples of long-established companies moving to franchising model after sustained success expanding via company-owned stores? One example that… Read More »

Older Workers Losing Jobs – CNN.com Article

An interesting article from CNN on so-called “older workers” losing their jobs due to economic duress and consequent corporate downsizing. According to the piece, these workers are often senior level and find themselves overqualified for positions available in the job market, following an involuntary layoff. It’s pretty surprising that the author didn’t mention franchising as… Read More »