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Missouri: The Untold Frontier for Food Franchising Success

Missouri: The Untold Frontier for Food Franchising Success

By Camden JoinerOctober 13, 2023

The Show-Me State may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of food franchising, but don’t let that fool you. Missouri offers a unique blend of engaged consumers and a relatively open market, making it a hidden gem for aspiring franchisees. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Missouri could be your next big opportunity.

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Missouri Market: By the Numbers

Before we delve into the potential of the Missouri market, let’s look at some telling statistics:

Average Time on Page: Missouri users spend an average time of 51 seconds on our Food category pages.

Total Quick-Service Restaurants in 2021: 4,527

Market Implication: Engaged audience in a less saturated market.

What This Means For You: If you have a franchise that offers something unique or tailored to specific needs, Missouri is fertile ground for planting those seeds.

Why Missouri?

Missouri’s food scene is rich in tradition, yet open to innovation. But what makes Missouri particularly compelling for potential franchisees?

Engaged Audience

With a low bounce rate of 50%, it’s clear that Missouri’s audience is actively engaged and interested in dining options. This bodes well for any franchise looking to capture attention.

Less Market Saturation

With only 4,527 quick-service restaurants in the state in 2021, Missouri offers room to grow without the intense competition you might find in more saturated states.

Lower Startup Costs

Less market saturation often translates to lower real estate and operational costs, allowing you to stretch your initial investment further.

Missouri Small Business Statistics

  • “There are 530,380 small businesses in Missouri that account for 99.4% of all businesses in the state.
  • From 2015 to 2019, new and young businesses with fewer than 20 employees created 196,808 jobs, accounting for 80% of all new jobs in the state.
  • According to Sperling’s Best Places cost of living index, Missouri ranks 85.9 out of a US average of 100. This means that the costs of living and housing are lower than the US average. Cheaper housing translates to lower employee compensation and, therefore, business owners can save on overhead costs.”

Franchise Opportunity

Nékter Juice Bar, with its focus on fresh, clean, and natural ingredients, could find a receptive audience in Missouri, a state where consumers are increasingly engaged and looking for unique dining options.

How to Succeed in Missouri’s Food Franchising Scene

Do Your Research: Understand your target demographic and what they are looking for in terms of dining options.

Offer Something Unique: Given the engaged online audience, a unique or specialized franchise could quickly gain traction.

Leverage Local Partnerships: Forming partnerships with local suppliers can give you an edge in winning over the local populace.


Missouri presents a compelling case for potential food franchisees— less market competition makes it an ideal landscape for new ventures. If you’re looking for a market that offers room to grow and an audience eager for new dining experiences, Missouri could be the place to make your franchise dreams come true.

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