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Advantages of Investing in a Franchise

MJ6XNDPMACBS – Benefits of Owning a Franchise Unlike starting a business from scratch – which can take years to launch – investing in a franchise provides you with a significant head start and numerous benefits. You may be wondering, what’s the big difference? As long as you are willing to play by the franchisor’s rules… Read More »

Franchise 101, The Basics of Franchising

Here are some selected articles from our Franchise 101 series. These articles are aimed at those potential entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with franchising and would like to learn more. What is a franchise? How do you buy a franchise? What is a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)? How much does it cost to buy a franchise?… Read More »

Older Workers Losing Jobs – Article

An interesting article from CNN on so-called “older workers” losing their jobs due to economic duress and consequent corporate downsizing. According to the piece, these workers are often senior level and find themselves overqualified for positions available in the job market, following an involuntary layoff. It’s pretty surprising that the author didn’t mention franchising as… Read More »

Mortgage/real estate industry professionals – changing careers

Much ado has been made about the housing market’s state of disarray and the role of subprime mortgages in creating the issues plaguing America’s economy. Naturally, as is the case anytime people lose significant sums of money, fingers are being pointed. The Federal Reserve, Wall Street, mortgage brokers, and home-buyers are among those drawing the… Read More »