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What Franchises are Doing to be More Earth Friendly

By egonsApril 22, 2019

What are the leading franchises doing to become more earth friendly franchises? This post takes a gander at 10 of the most exciting green initiatives in the franchise world.

Several different franchises are pushing the envelope in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint. From big franchises like McDonald’s too small players like JunkAway, everyone is the franchise industry is excited about the prospects of being more Earth-friendly. Following in this spirit, we have created a list of 10 most exciting green initiatives carried out by franchises to improve their sustainability, cut energy consumption, boost healthy living, and overall become more eco-friendly.

Creating More Earth Friendly Homes

How do you create a truly eco-friendly home from top to bottom? That’s exactly what a growing number of franchises are hoping to achieve. Talk about Earth-friendly cleaning services, pest control methods, landscaping solutions, lighting & fixtures, HVAC, roofing, plumbing … the whole shebang. These eco-friendly home services are offered by the likes of OpenWorks, groOrganic, Lawn Doctor, MaidPro, Fish Window Cleaning, and Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, just to mention a few.

Healthy, Ethically-Sourced Organic Food

The franchise space has always received a bad rap for junk, unhealthy food thanks to fast food restaurants like Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. Thankfully, franchises in the F&B industry have turned a new leaf, and they are now trying to offer customers fresh, organic food through QSRs, food delivery, vending machines, and other avenues. These eco-friendly franchises serving healthy food at its best include Greenbelly, UFood Grill, Naturals 2 Go, GrabbaGreen Food + Juice, Pizza Fusion, La Prep Daily Fresh, FiltaFry, Sweet Pea Homemade Ice Cream, Health Merchant, and more.

Earth Friendly Franchises Getting Us Around

There are several transport-focused franchises that are bringing eco-friendly ways to the front burner. They are offering people more Earth-friendly means to get in and around cities. This way, everyone can cut down on the carbon footprint and make the planet a better place to live in. The franchises in question include Honest-1 Car Care (an eco-friendly car wash franchise), ElectroBike, and so on. Most of them are centered on bike-sharing approach to becoming green.

Improving Energy Efficiency

Franchises like Dr. Energy Saver are doing exactly that – helping homeowners save money and become eco-friendly reducing their cooling and heating bills. Through an array of franchisees spread across the country, these franchises help install energy upgrades, energy-efficient appliances, and much more for homeowners.

No Straws

More and more restaurant franchises are going the no-straw route in a bid to reduce plastic use and prevent them from harming our planet. This approach makes it easy for franchises to become greener on a two-front: (1) it helps them reduce their actual carbon footprint, and (2) lower the use of environmentally-unfriendly straw-making processes.

Solar Installation

Franchises in the renewable energy sector are taking the world by storm. This is especially true for those that are helping install solar panels across the country. They are providing smart and eco-conscious people with an alternative to fossil fuel. Solar Universe, for instance, has been experiencing rapid growth of 40% annually since its launch in 2008. Others like USA Solar Store and Green Home Solutions are bringing solar energy closer to homeowners year in year out.

Of course, incentives like new building mandates, federal tax breaks, rising fuel costs, and environmental responsibility has been fueling the rise and rise of solar installation franchises. There are several franchises that offer renewable energy consultation, green services, and energy conservation.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Remodels

Our kitchens are always the biggest source of wastage and other practices that aren’t good for Earth. That’s why franchises like Filta are championing and installing kitchen solutions that help restaurants, homeowners and other businesses lower energy use and waste when it comes to refrigeration, heating, and food preparation.

Eco-Friendly Pet Food

Franchises like Pet Wants to prepare all-natural and eco-friendly pet products that are delivered fresh.

Recycling and Upcycling

Upcycling is a buzzword that’s making rounds in the green space. And it has made a landing in the franchise industry, too. There are already scores of franchises that recycle, reuse or upcycle furniture, clothing and other unwanted items that would otherwise end up in our landfill. These forward-thinking franchises include ThriftSmart, Woodcraft, Uptown Cheapskate, Hut no. 8 … and the list is growing every year.

Use of Eco-Friendly Batteries

Several transport franchises are using fuel cell technologies to power their fleet and dial down their carbon footprint. A classic example would be UPS which has upgrade its fleet with more than 1,800 alternative fuel vehicles.

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